The starting point is below Strbacki Buk, one of Europe’s most magnificent (22 m tall) waterfall, followed by a few smaller waterfalls. The rafting tour continues downstream for approximately eight kilometers through the canyon, witch at some places is reaching a deapth of 300m . The trip lasts approximately between 2 and 3 hours, including a short pause at Crno Vrelo including a visit to a cave. The rafting tour ends in Loskun, in a leisure area which offers a number of recreational facilities (dining, camping, sport activities, etc.).

About rafting

Rafting is a leisure sport usually done on a river: a group of people (between 4 and 10) navigates in an inflatable raft, which can be both thrilling and exciting. Rafts are made of very durable multi-layered rubberized fabric with several independent air chambers. The raft’s length is between 3 and 6 meters. Most of times the raft has a skipper, who leads the raft through rapids. Every rafter is provided with a paddle, a safety jacket and a helmet. Precise indications are given to beginners.