Canoeing and Kayaking

Extreme sports club “ Una Strbacki Buk” can organize one-day or several days excursions on canoes (Canoe Safari) in really enchanting parts of the Una river.We’d like to highlight some of the offers:

First stage: begins under the Una spring and ends in Brotinja, a village nearby Martin Broda, with a total length of 11 km. The excursion includes a visit to the Una spring, which is the world’s deepest and most beautiful fresh water well. Leisure activities on the river last between 3 and 6 hours. The tour is going through the canyon of the amazing river Una enableing the opportunity to enjoy nature’s uniqueness and less known river Krka.

Second stage: begins under the village of Bušević, paddling downstreams towards the fascinating Strbacki Buk waterfall. This spot is ideal for people who enjoy nature and photographing. This 9 km long trip ends at Strbacki Buk after some 3 hours of recreational paddling. Arrangement for this tour can also include extra activities (picnic, barbecue, camping, etc.), depending upon previous arrangement.